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3 Top Luxury Watch Winder Boxes by Billstone for High-End Watch Owners

Talking about a luxury watch winder box, we will talk about winder boxes by Billstone. This brand has several luxury watch winder boxes that are not only functional but also attractive. The luxury products below can be one of your options to take care of your high-end watches. 

Paragon 2 

It is a 190mm x 250mm x 200mm winder box for two watches. The design looks simple and attractive to see, along with Macassar wood and a black piano finish. You will also feel the luxury sensation when opening the box. The manufacturer uses black velvet finish and LED light. You can also easily set the TPD from the touchscreen control panel. There is also a security lock for extra protection. 

Paragon 6 

Paragon 6 by Billstone is a perfect luxury watch winder box for those who have 6 favorite watches. You are about to use a 300mm x 360mm x 200mm, along with Macassar wood and a black piano finish on the exterior. Just like Paragon 2, this product also uses black velvet finish, LED lights, and a touchscreen control panel. Overall, the design looks attractive and has maximum function. 

Watch Safe Compact 4

Do you want a multifunction watch winder box? Watch Safe Compact by Billstone is one of the options. This winder box is not only suitable for holding 4 watches but also for your favorite pieces of jewelry. It is a 685mm x 605mm x 565mm box with 3 drawers that are spacious enough for jewelry or documents. 

The design looks luxurious along with a pearl black exterior finish and ebony wood interior finish. Since it is used for saving your precious assets, the manufacturer adds an extra protection system, including a 50mm fire and resistant wall and also a security electronic lock. The security system is using a code, so only those who know the code can open this luxury watch winder box.

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