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The History of Dish Washing Machine

For some people, a dish washing machine or more popularly called a dishwasher, is an essential item to have in the kitchen. When you are using a dishwasher, have you ever thought of how this amazing machine was invented? If you’re a curious type, here is the history of the dish washing machine.

The First Dishwasher

It might be a surprise for you, but the first dishwasher is a lot older than what you expect. The first working dishwasher was invented by Joe Hoghton, an American inventor in 1850. Back then it wasn’t powered by electricity, but by hand. It worked by a crank on the side of the barrel, then when operated, the crank would spray water across the dirty dishes.

Another hand-operated model of dish washing machine was built by a duo, Josephine Cochrane and George Butters in 1889. They then brought their invention to the World Fair of Chicago in 1893 and it was called Lavaplatos. The machine with that unique name, experienced moderate success.

The First Machine Powered Dishwasher

The next major development of dishwashers didn’t come from America, but from England. It was William Howard Livens who was first responsible for the dishwasher you have now. He created an electric powered dishwasher that used a motor that would spray water on the dishes in 1924. Oddly enough, Livens usually created weapons for the world wars both chemical and flame based.

In 1940, Livens also added the drying capabilities to his dish washing machine that would speed up the process of washing dishes even more. But it was hard to make, and expensive, therefore only a handful of rich people could buy it. But many people then perfected Livens’ machine, making it cheaper and more accessible to more people.

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