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3 Tips to Choose the Best Watch Winder Canada

Looking for the perfect watch winder Canada is not easy. There are so many features to choose from, and you certainly want the best for your watches. To make your shopping experience easier, here are some tips for choosing the best watch winder.

Your watch’s specific requirements

First of all, you need to consider what your watch needs. Every automatic watch has its own rotation style and TPD number. You can consult the manual book to know about your watch’s rotation and turns-per-day number. If the winder’s mechanism doesn’t match the watch’s, it can compromise the watch’s motor quality, which is not something you want for your expensive automatic watches.

Personal style and needs

A watch winder is a tool to show your watch collection. So, the winder also has to reflect your personal style. Thankfully, watch winder manufacturers understand these needs and provide products with various styles.

To choose something that suits your preference, you need to take a look at the winder’s material, shape, and size. Wood is the most common material for a watch winder, but you can choose other materials like carbon fiber or glass if you want something unique. The shape and size of a winder can vary, from the smallest one that you can put on the table, to the biggest that looks like a bookshelf. The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a watch winder according to your personal style. 


Nowadays, a watch winder comes with many interesting features. For example, it can come with a lock that makes the box safer. If you want to make your watch collections look even more exquisite, make sure to add an LED light to the box. You also can get a watch winder Canada with a double power supply for better reliability and portability.

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